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Naka Zinc 30 Bisglycinate - This trace mineral plays a crucial role in the body’s immune and detoxification processes, and is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions. It helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels by stabilizing insulin and works to keep your thyroid functioning as it should. Zinc also helps when it comes to reproductive health, wound healing, growth, taste, vision, and smell. Zinc is thought to prevent the rhinovirus (a common cold virus) from multiplying in the upper respiratory system. Adequate zinc is especially important for seniors, people with gastrointestinal disorders, vegetarians, pregnant/nursing women and those who take diuretics and oral contraceptives.


Each teaspoon (5 ml) contains:
Zinc (zinc bisglycinate)  30 mg
Non-medicinal Ingredients: Xylitol, potassium sorbate, citric acid, natural berry flavour, glycerin (vegetable source), purified water.  
Contains no gluten, nuts, eggs, animal products, dairy products, fish or shellfish, soy, corn, starch, wheat or yeast.  
Directions: Take 1 tsp 1 time per day. Take with food.  


Zinc 30 Bisglycinate - Naka

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