Puzzled about your health?

Lacking energy?

Unsure about supplementation?


Live Blood Cell Analysis involves magnifying a single drop of blood taken from a fingertip prick, 50,000 times under a microscope.


Your blood is responsible for nourishing the energetic function and repair of every cell and organ in your body.

Blood cell analysis can reveal:

Low levels of iron     *     Free radical damage

Digestive deficiency     *     Bowel toxicity

Dehydration     *     B12 and folic acid deficiency

Signs of parasites     *     Yeast (candida)

Hormonal imbalance     *     Heavy metals

Immune system     *     Liver stress

PH imbalance    *     Cholesterol


Blood cell analysis offers an instant graphic picture of your current health status.


Most chronic health conditions can be attributed to nutritional imbalances.

Appointments will take 30-45 minutes

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