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Renew Life® ParaGONE® Kit is a two-part, 15-day herbal cleansing program. Contains herbs and extracts that have been traditionally used in herbal medicine to expel intestinal worms and improve digestive function.

  • TARGETED CLEANSE: ParaGONE® is a powerful formula containing herbs and extracts traditionally used as vermifuges/anthelminthics (to expel intestinal worms).
  • HERBAL INGREDIENTS: ParaGONE Part I vegetable capsules contain a mixture of unique herbal ingredients that are used in Herbal Medicine to expel intestinal worms, including wormwood leaf, quassia wood, garlic bulb, and thyme leaf. ParaGONE Part II is a liquid tincture that includes nature’s vermifuge wormwood leaf and stem, along with black walnut hulls, clove bud, marshmallow root, and orange peel.
  • SIMPLE 15 DAY PROGRAM: ParaGONE® is a 2-part cleanse.

ParaGone 15 Day Program - Renewlife

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