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Nursing Mother's Tea™*

  • A combination of healthy herbs used for many years in the Mediterranean, Europe and India.*
  • Formulated to help support healthy lactation.*
  • In herbal tea form for easy and efficient absorption.*
  • Must help or money refunded.*

Nursing Mother's Tea helps promote lactation and richness of vitamins and minerals in mother’s milk using a blend of healthy herbs. Even in a best case scenario, baby formula cannot match the balanced chemical content of breast milk. A mother’s breast milk is easy for the baby to digest and is rich in superior nutrients, as well as important antibodies. However, if a mother’s diet is nutrient deficient, shortfalls in her breast milk composition can occur.*

The goal of making sure that the mother provides the best nutrition possible is one reason why Bell Lifestyle's Nursing Mother's Tea was developed to be the best natural mother's milk tea available. A product developed in tea form so the body can absorb and assimilate the healthy nutrients easily.*


Medicinal Ingredients: Fenugreek (seed), Milk thistle (seed), Marshmallow (root).

Nursing Mother's Tea - BELL

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