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Topical Magnesium Chloride Balm

  • Relaxes Tense Muscles
  • Softens Skin
  • Treats Magnesium Deficiency
  • Eases Aches & Pains
  • Helps RLS & Growing Pains
  • Highly Absorbable

The latest addition to our Magnesium Chloride line of products, NEW Magnesium Chloride Balm improves skin while delivering fast-acting topical magnesium.

Magnesium Chloride Balm is made from magnesium chloride in its most natural state, with over 90 other trace minerals not found in lab-produced magnesium chloride. In this emollient balm, we’ve combined magnesium chloride with natural coconut oil, raw shea butter and beeswax.

Magnesium Chloride Balm:

  • Penetrates through the skin to relieve tension better than Epsom salts
  • Helps restore healthy magnesium levels
  • Soothes, protects and boosts skin’s moisture retention

Use it anywhere for softer skin or rub Magnesium Chloride Balm into areas of muscle pain and tension. Contains approximately 200 mg of seawater-sourced magnesium chloride per teaspoon. For full-strength topical magnesium, see our Magnesium Chloride Liquid in the cap top bottle.

How to Use Magnesium Chloride Balm

Suggested Use:  Smooth into areas of tension or to seal in moisture on the body or face.

Ingredients: Magnesium chloride (concentrated from seawater), fractionated coconut oil, raw shea butter and beeswax.

Contains no fragrance, preservatives or anything artificial.

Dose: Each 1 tsp (5 ml) contains ~200 mg of magnesium, equivalent to ~60mg of elemental magnesium, plus over 90 naturally-occurring trace minerals.

Note that the ‘elemental magnesium’ measurement is most important for determining the dose that may be right for you. We recommend using about 1 tsp of the product for children and at least 2 tsp for adults, topically.

Cautions and Warnings: For external use only. Keep away from the eyes. This product should not cause skin sensitivity; however, should you experience redness, rash or irritation, discontinue use.

Can you really absorb magnesium through the skin?

Consider the evidence from clinical studies:

  • A topical magnesium oil with a 31% magnesium concentration applied to the skin and via a foot bath was found to increase cellular magnesium concentration by 59.7% in 89% of study participants, measured through hair analysis1
  • In a two-week pilot study, blood serum and urinary magnesium concentration significantly increased in a subgroup of non-athletes following the low-dose application of 56 mg of topical magnesium cream per day2
  • Intracellular magnesium concentration significantly increased following the application of a topical magnesium chlorate spray to the skin for 4 months, measured by epithelial cell and blood serum analysis3

Magnesium Chloride Balm - Bolton's Naturals

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