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  • Probiotic to Benefit Health
  • NO Refrigeration Required

The Need for Probiotics

Probiotics are a group of powerful healthy bacteria that reside throughout our gastrointestinal system. They are essential to the health and vitality of our immune system, proper digestion and the manufacturing of various vitamins. Probiotics are needed for intestinal microbial balance but sometimes this balance can be thrown off, leading to diarrhoea, constipation, candida yeast infections and other health issues. Probiotics can be affected by: the use of antibiotics; gastrointestinal infections; food poisoning and other intestinal disturbances often experienced while traveling. When the ratio of beneficial bacteria increases in the intestine, intestinal conditions are healthier, but when the harmful bacteria increase in the intestine, it leads to harmful conditions such as constipation or diarrhoea.


So What Makes Ultimate Probiotic Stand Out From The Rest?

Ultimate Probiotic contains one of the most research-proven beneficial probiotic species – bifidobacterium – and the main intestinal microflora residing mostly in the colon. Ultimate Probiotic has been proven safe in over 30 years of studies. It is also backed by over 15 years of controlled studies proving its efficacy and is the only probiotic available today to carry the highly proven shelf-stable BB536 strain of bifidobacterium – with NO refrigeration required.


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Ultimate Probiotic - Brad King's

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