Alkaline Spring Water - Flow

100% naturally alkaline spring water
+ Alkaline pH of 8.1 to keep acid levels in check.
+ Occurring electrolytes and essential minerals.
+ Optimal hydration for fitness recovery.
+ Clean and pure taste.


Flow Alkaline Spring Water, naturally alkaline pH of 8.1 at the source, is full of electrolytes and healthy minerals for optimal hydration and a smooth, delicious taste.


No additives or chemical processing. Our water comes in an eco-friendly paperboard Tetra Pak® carton that is 100% recyclable, nearly 70% renewable and sealed with a plant-based cap.

Alkaline Spring Water - Flow

  • Ph 8.1

    Natural Electrolytes and Mienrals

    100% Recyclable

    70% Renewable


    BPA- Free

    Certirfied B Corporation

    Canada Organic


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